Weddings are all about making memories together. It is a particular time to recapture the moments of a lifetime. One such way to make the wedding day more precious is by making it live on various social media platforms. Two of the very famous platforms for posting wedding videos are YouTube and Vimeo. Wedding videos on YouTube and Vimeo are renowned for bringing out every marriage’s essence irrespective of religion.

Posting videos on these two platforms is easy, but also, the final audio and video quality are much impressive.

If you want to create your Wedding videos that runs on youtube or vimeo WeddingChimes will help you to successfully create one and run it on such platform, and will also run on your website …


Follow these steps to get your wedding videos on Youtube or Vimeo and on Website :

  • Create an Account on WeddingChimes.
  • Subscribe to the Specific Plan.
  • Upload photos and videos to your Account.
  • For getting your videos on Youtube or Vimeo, you can contact our support team.

In present time taking selfies and sharing pictures on social media and micro blogging sites is a trend. Making videos and sharing it to friends and family is another way to share & live your life with them. But, making Wedding Videos is not an easy task; for that purpose WeddingChimes is a platform who will do that for you in no time. Just connect to us and rest leave on us.

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