We find ourselves boasting about the rich cultural heritage of our country in almost every phase of life. In fact, the variety of cultures that breathe life into this country also gives way to a multifaceted fashion scenario where each culture has a significant dress that is worn during special occasions like weddings, pujas, birthdays even. Yes, you heard us! The wardrobe that you pick for your wedding does not only have to be in vogue but also have to represent the culture that you are following for the wedding or representing at the wedding.

While you might think that red lehengas for the wedding or pastel lehengas for the modern bride are a staple outfit that the brides are favouring these days, there is so much more to the lehengas and sarees out there for the bride to pick from. If you are looking for signature cultural outfits that you can wear at your wedding and show reverence for your culture while looking gorgeous, then you have come to the right place.

We have listed some of the most famous and unique wedding dresses as per culture for both the bride and the groom with details for your knowledge.


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Assamese Wedding Outfits

Wedding Tips For Fashion & Dress - Assamese Wedding Outfits
Wedding Dresses At Assam

An Assamese wedding is one of the most subtle yet beautiful wedding ceremonies one can ever witness. The traditional colour of an Assamese bride and groom’s outfit is ideally white. The bride wears a white Mekhela Chador (pronounced as, Mekhla Sador) with delicate golden thread work all over the saree and a matching chadar or shawl. The Mekhela Chador comes in 3 parts – the body, the chadar and the blouse is included in the set. The millennial Assamese brides have often picked colourful Mekhelas instead of the conventional white ones. They top it up with gorgeous gold jewellery.

The groom on the other hand is draped in a dhoti paired with a kurta on top – both of these garments are preferably white, off-white or golden in colour. The Assamese Gamusa or the traditional towel which is also a trademark of the culture is worn around the neck like a stole or a muffler. Grooms these days often wear Gamusa printed shawls that are fancier than the basic cotton Gamusa. Both the bride and groom often wear a garland of marigold flowers around their heads.

Kerala Wedding Outfit

Wedding Tips For Fashion & Dress - Kerala Wedding Outfit
Wedding Dresses At Kerala

Kerala is known as god’s own country. The city already boasts of breathtaking natural beauty and the exquisite temples that embed the city make it one of a kind. While a Keralian wedding often includes the bride and groom dressed in bright coloured outfits, the traditional wedding outfit of the Keralian bride and groom includes a simple Kasavu saree for the bride and a white dhoti for the groom. The Mundum Neriyathum Saree that is worn by the bride has a golden Kara (border) running throughout the hem. This is paired with Temple jewellery and Kamarbandh too.

A Kerala wedding traditional dress for the groom usually consists of the Lungi or Mundu with a golden Kasava border and a folded Melmundu cloth that rests on the shoulder. Traditionally, the groom only wraps the Melmundu around his bare chest for the wedding, but nowadays the grooms can be seen wearing shirts with Lungi for the main ceremony instead. A Zari embroidered shirt can be a great option to add luxe-quotient to the otherwise simple attire for the wedding.

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